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Oct 12, 2012 5:00am EDT
foreignnpolicy makes america appear weak. the candidates also tackled the economy aad ran's nuclear progrrm.but as ee payne shows us... there were also plenty pf wacky moments. moments. even before the vice there were some memorable yelling from a tree outsideer centre college. and this from the moderator.i am not the scolding type sooi am not really going to repeat all your cellphones. i'm jusst going to give you a warning. i briefing and my phone went off, and my son, who is here whichhis apparently hipphop. so that broke up that aad i've never had my cellphone go off again,,ever again.joe biden att is ooponent's comments... plashing his peaaryywhites a number of times.he also had some interesting word choices. biden: with all due respect that s a bunch offmalarkey. biden: because not a single thing he said is accurate. biden: this is a bunnc of "stuff." look, here's the peal...rrddatz: whht does thatt mean, a bunch of stuuf? biddn: well it means it'ss pt is, weeirish call it malarkey.raddatz: thanks for the translation,,okkbiden: thh prish call it malarkey.and biden's eloqueece.r
Oct 8, 2012 5:30am EDT
it out on fox &pblame for the bad economy. o'malleyyargued that president obama inherited a huge claimed he's only made it o'malley says: "we still have &pa long way to go..and speakin of fdr, no president since him bigger unemployment and bigger deficits nd more wars than president obama, was, by the failed policies of george w. bush, hich resulted in directly, the greatest ob losses since fdr. thissis not easy and it is harddwork but we are movinn forward. ayotte says: "hey, chris, let's ttlk about, though, his policies. of course, we didd't hear in the hour and 25 minutes of debate anything about the stimulus packagee because if you look at the policy, the trickle-down povernment policy, as the governor described it, they represented bellw 6 pprcent unemployment right now, after spendiig all of that money. so, they had full charge of the firss two years and the policies that this president put into place, actually made it worse. including the fact that obamacare is actually -- you ask small employers, it is causing them not to hire because of rising healthcare co" the presiden
Oct 10, 2012 5:00am EDT
employment gain ii u.s. history occurred in june economy was starting to roar. tte gdp grew t a staggering 9.3% rate.the second biggest gain was lasttmonth: 873,000. thhs ollows lossee of 115,000 in july and 119,000 in august. nd gdp is growing at a dismal 1.3% -- less than the rate of population dismal 1.3% -- less than gdp is ggowing at follows losses of waa last month: 873,000. the second biggest gain gdp grew aa a starting to roaa. tte eagan econnmy was 1983: 900,,00. the history occurred in june employmenttggin in u.s. the ssngle biggest jobssth - creating 3 33 3 bth - creattng jobsthe singll biggest employment gain in u.s. history occurred in june 1993: 900,000. the reagan &p9.3% rate.the second biggest gain was laat month: 8733000. this follows losses of 1955000 and gdp s growing at a gust. - dismal 1.3% -- less than the rate of poouuation growth. unbelievabll, huh?in its august unemplooment report basee oo interviews of 30,000 adults,,gallupphinted that if the officcal unemployyent rate didn't iicrease then someone isscooking the booksslooks llie the white house has a ne
Oct 8, 2012 5:00am EDT
spirited debate featuuing governor o'malley. o'mallee.the rguments he made... over who's to blame &pfor the state of the economy.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4